Jesse Aarons is a young boy who lives on a farm with his family and is best friends with his neighbour, Leslie Burke.


He is: a young boy who's ambition is to be the fastest kid in his grade. He is very kind creative and an artist.he is also very creative

About the actorsEdit

Leslie Burke: Leslie Burke is an important character in the film Bridge to Terabit. She is a young girl who is an only child in a happy family that have just moved to the American country side. She has an vivid imagination which she uses to create the magical kingdom of Terabit, in this movie. However before this, at her school, she had no friends, but meeting Jess allows us to see her friendly, intelligent and positive personality. Leslie's philosophy on life is "to keep your mind wide open" which she truly believes will help you achieve your dreams and live a better life.

Mr & Mrs Aarons: Jesse's relationship with his parents is quite bad at first. He feels unaccepted by them and feels that he must try hard to impress them. However, after Leslie's death, he finds that they do really care for him a lot and their relationship seems to improve after that. He feels terrible towards his parents because he let them down

May Belle Aarons: May Belle is Jesse's younger sister. He is very protective and caring towards her, although he can be sharp with her. He is quick to anger and sometimes hurts her without meaning to, but he really loves her. He also makes her a bridge at the end of the movie to say sorry.

Joyce Ann: Jesse is neutral towards his younger sister, Joyce Ann, as she is quite young and is unable to socialize with him yet.

Ellie & Brenda Aarons: Jesse's relationship with his older sisters is quite bad. They are constantly irritating him and are very unsympathetic towards him.


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